We carry out all kinds of construction projects successfully and deliver them on time.

  • Commercial Ships (Tanker, chemical, dry cargo, general cargo, river type ships)
  • Transformation projects (Livestock ships, platform support ships)
  • Modernization (Cruise ships, river type cruise ships)
  • Special projects (floating dock, barge, yacht, river navigation boats, river restaurant boats)


Distinctive features of our New Construction Shipyards;

  • Turkey's one and only shipyard with RMRS (Russian Llyod) new construction certificate
  • 2 shipyards, one being in Tuzla and the other in Yalova
  • More than 100 Shipbuilding personnel - complete quality control and quality assurance system
  • Recreational areas and gym for employees
  • Implementation of work and worker safety at the highest level
  • 12,000 tons steel processing capacity annually
  • 3 pieces of CNC sheet metal cutting machine
  • 7200 m2 indoor pre-production workshops
  • 2400 m2 indoor panel manufacturing workshops
  • 4800 m2 indoor block manufacturing and assembly workshops


In Tuzla Shipyard;

  • One slipway, 120 x 22,5 meter with inclination of 1 degree
  • One slipway, 150 x 30 meter with inclination of 5 degree
  • One slipway, 200 x 30 meter with inclination of 5 degree


In Yalova Shipyard;

  • One slipway, suitable for floating dock construction, 170 x 56 meters with inclination 5 degree
  • 2100 m2 complete indoor and air-conditioned blasting and paint hall
  • SPMTs with a lifting capacity of 250 tons for transferring of heavy loads
  • Ship modeling (boat, pipe and equipment) and design department
  • Opportunity to work with all remarkable IACS members
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