Ship Repair and Conversion

We conduct the ship repair, maintenance and dock works in our shipyard, which is equipped with modern equipment and workshops on a land of 108.000m2 located in Tuzla, and occupies a sea network of 280m in the most functional area of Tuzla Bay. Repair and maintenance operations are carried out in indoor workshops of 16.000m2.

We have 2 floating docks and piers of various sizes in our shipyard.

Kuzey Star Dock No:1
Height : 196m
Inside Width : 32,4m
Crane Capacity : 2x5tons
Lifting Capacity : 13,000tons
Max. Docking Draft  : 8m


Kuzey Star Dock No:2
Height : 229m
Inside Width : 36,6m
Crane Capacity : 4x15tons (2 piers and 2 flag cranes)
Lifting Capacity : 22,000tons
Max. Docking Draft : 7,8m


Total pier length: 2000m 

To prevent ships going alongside, repair-maintenance operations are carried out in a suitable environment.

With 75-ton capacity crane, heavy equipment and hatch covers can be transferred easily. 

In the special area reserved for hatch cover repairs, the covers are laid out one by one. Their repair and maintenance operations are carried out separately from all other works. 

High capacity and long-term projects that require expertise are carried out unaffected by other repair and maintenance operations thanks to the size of the shipyard area, the capacity of the pier and the wide sea front.

All technical works are conducted by shipyard personnel, in a timely manner and under guarantee. 

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