Occupational Health And Safety Management System Policy

In the service activities we carry out based on the needs and expectations of the related party (internal/external context) and customer satisfaction,

We are committed to complying with all Occupational Health and Safety regulations (laws, decrees, bylaws, and regulations) in force in our country or in the countries in which we operate, as well as the international agreements, contracts, and specifications signed,

Avoiding accidents at the source, minimizing the potential accidents, and making efforts to prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases during the ship maintenance and new construction activities,

Maintaining our work in all processes in OHS activities, so that we will continuously improve, thus reducing OHS risks to a minimum,

Eliminating the hazards that may occur, choosing less hazardous processes, operations, materials or equipment as much as possible, carrying out the engineering controls, reorganizing the business, using administrative controls, including training, and having adequate personal protective equipment,

Ensuring an appropriate environment for the consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives and increasing employee satisfaction,

Determining our OSH Targets as Kuzey Star, continuously reviewing our goals, and expanding this policy among all our employees.

Chairman of the Board

Tuncay İMRAL

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