We are committed to minimizing the negative impacts on the environment in the service activities we carry out, based on the needs and expectations of the related party (Internal / External Context)  and customer satisfaction,

Complying with the legal requirements and other requirements in our country or in the countries in which we operate,

Taking necessary measures in all activities we carry out in order to utilize recyclable wastes, reducing the use of limited natural resources, preventing pollution due to environmentally harmful wastes, protecting natural assets, avoiding negatively affecting all living creatures and polluting the environment, and improving it positively,

Developing and continuously improving our environmental management efforts and our works on reducing the environmental impacts in all processes,

Identifying and reducing risks for environmental emergencies,

Providing our employees with training on raising environmental awareness,

Determining our OSH Targets as Kuzey Star in this direction, continuously reviewing our goals, and expanding this policy among all our employees. 

Chairman of the Board

Tuncay İMRAL

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