Successful Operation From Kuzey


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Successful Operation From Kuzey
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Successful Operation From Kuzey

The project to transform the world's first Platform Support Vessel into a live fish carrier has been completed. Kuzey Star Shipyard initiated its first conversion project in December 2021. The vessel, named Grıp Marine, which was originally built in 2012 and served as an offshore service vessel in Norway, measuring 86 meters in length and 18 meters in width, has been converted into a live fish transportation vessel (Wellboat).

During the process of converting the Grıp Marine from an Offshore Support Vessel to a Live Fish Transportation vessel, a total of 255 tons of pipes, including galvanized, stainless steel, and fish pipes, were installed and mounted with special couplings. Installation works were carried out for an ozone oxygen system, RSW (Refrigerated Sea Water) system, RO (Reverse Osmosis) system, and Vacuum room system on the vessel. Additionally, two movable bulkheads made of 20 tons of stainless steel were installed. The vessel also features up to 200 electrical cabinets, along with eight main circulation system pumps with a capacity of 3500 cbm each. ColliCare Logistics was involved in the transportation process of bringing the Grıp Marine from Norway to Kuzey Star Shipyard. Following the completion of the remaining tasks, the Grıp Marine set sail for Chile.