The Heaviest Launch from Kuzey Star


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The Heaviest Launch from Kuzey Star
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The Heaviest Launch from Kuzey Star

The largest floating pool produced at Kuzey Star Shipyard was launched into the sea through a two-day transportation operation. Following a 30-day work period, the two-day transportation operation set a new record for Turkey's heaviest transport. Approximately a month-long effort was conducted, starting from the project planning phase, for the descent of this massive floating pool weighing 11,350 tons into the sea. The transportation of the floating pool, the size of a football field and eight stories tall, was carried out by Hareket Project Transportation and Load Engineering. After detailed engineering calculations, the floating pool was placed on 440 axles with 3,200 wheeled modular trailers. Loaded onto another floating pool just 2 meters narrower but 50 meters wide, this 48-meter-wide floating pool, weighing 11,350 tons, advanced at a speed of one meter per hour during the operation. With this transportation, conducted in a single piece weighing 11,350 tons, Turkey's largest transport record was also broken. Inside the giant floating pool, which has a capacity of carrying 30,000 tons, there will be a crew of 30.


Ahmet Altunkum, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hareket Project Transportation and Load Engineering, who carried out the operation of transporting and launching the floating pool into the sea, stated, "We have achieved the largest transportation ever made in Turkey. We are transporting a load with a tonnage of 11,350 tons, a length of 222 meters, a width of 48 meters, and a height of 23 meters from the ground. It is not easy to transport such a load in one piece. There are 440 axles and 3,520 tires under the load. The total carrying capacity is realized with 17,500 tons of vehicles. There is serious engineering and team effort behind this transport. Our engineering team has been calculating and planning how this transport will be carried out for about a month. The work done is a source of pride for both the shipyard and us. With this transportation, we have once again broken our own record. As load engineers, while representing our country in major projects worldwide in heavy lifting, transportation, and assembly works, we are also working to become an important player in the world league with these records."