Kuzey Star Shipyard to Achieve Firsts With Its New Construction Team


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Kuzey Star Shipyard to Achieve Firsts With Its New Construction Team
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Kuzey Star Shipyard to Achieve Firsts With Its New Construction Team

Kuzey Star Shipyard is preparing to embark on projects that will make a significant impact in the maritime industry in the coming years. The company plans to fill the next five years with new construction projects, including the two largest Ro-Ro projects to be built in Turkey, a chemical tanker project, and the world's first concept Ro-Ro projects. Kuzey Star Shipyard's Industrial Projects Manager Erinç Korkmaz announced on his social media account that they are looking for team members for the planned projects.

Kuzey Star Shipyard has started working on forming the 'New Construction Team'. The company will kick off its projects by establishing the 'New Construction Team' in the departments of planning, design, production, quality, and procurement. The shipyard is looking to hire a project planning engineer for planning; design engineers (hull, outfitting), design technicians (hull, outfitting) for design; production engineers, pre-production engineers, surface treatment engineers, mechanical engineers, narrow gauge railway operators, gantry crane operators, electrical technicians, and pipe foremen for production; quality engineers and quality technicians for quality assurance; and international procurement engineers for procurement. The goal is to start the projects once the team is assembled.


The company, which began its maritime activities as Tekno Marin Technical Services Inc. in 2010, purchased the Naci Selimoğlu Shipyard in Yalova in 2013 and established Kuzey Star Shipyard. Additionally, it purchased Çelik Tekne Shipyard, which it had been leasing since 2010, in 2014 and made it the headquarters of Kuzey Star Shipyard. At the beginning of 2016, the company relocated its operations and the small floating dock from Torlak Shipyard to its new center in Tuzla. Today, with its professional and experienced staff, the company strengthens its leading position in the industry every day, providing ship repair, maintenance, mechanical, and new construction services under one roof at its Tuzla and Yalova shipyards with the motto "All in One." The Tuzla shipyard, one of the largest in the region, offers 24/7 continuous service on its 108-acre facility. With two floating docks, it has an annual ship repair/maintenance capacity of around 150 ships. In terms of new construction, it has the capacity to launch 12 ships per year with its three slipways.