A First in Turkey from Kuzey Star Shipyard


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A First in Turkey from Kuzey Star Shipyard
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A First in Turkey from Kuzey Star Shipyard

Kuzey Star Shipyard Maritime Industry and Trade Inc. is making a breakthrough in Turkey with the construction of a 200-meter-long LNG-powered RORO ship. The most notable feature of this new build project is that the produced ship will have a gas-fueled diesel propulsion system, known as the "Dual Fuel" system.

'Strengthening Our Position Globally'

Globally, within the scope of ecological solutions, gas-fueled diesel propulsion systems, which reduce emission values, have become one of the most in-demand environmentally friendly propulsion systems in recent years. In a written statement from Kuzey Star Shipyard, it was stated, "Constructing and delivering a ship of this size and these features for the first time in Turkey will strengthen our position in the global shipbuilding industry both as a shipyard and as a country." The construction, which began in late 2018, is scheduled to deliver the first ship in 2020 and the second one in 2021.