Kuzey Star Shipyard Maritime Ind. & Trade CO. Our main objective as an INC. is to ensure the continuity of the credibility of our products and services that we offer to shipowners with all the operations that we have carried out so far.


Kuzey Star Shipyard Maritime Ind. & Trade CO. INC. will ensure stable development and growth by taking into consideration the satisfaction of all stakeholders, legal obligations and company interests through the quality management system that it established, thus ensuring that Kuzey Star INC. will be a global, large-scaled and one of the foremost shipyards in shipbuilding and repair industry.

It will be evaluated how much the achieved targets are achieved by periodic review procedures. Thus, the extent to which the objectives and management system are realistic and they are understood will be evaluated along with the effectiveness of the policies pursued.

In order to ensure that the targets are always monitored and assessed, the necessary information will be produced, recorded, stored and accessed easily in the Kuzey Star INC. quality assurance system.

Our shipyard aims in the long term to spread the total quality management principle to all fields of operation.

Kuzey Star INC. has established its quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements in order to ensure the effective spread and continuity of the total quality management principle. The purpose of the established system is to ensure that all operations are carried out schemingly and harmoniously and are continuously improved.

The Kuzey Star Management undertakes to adhere to the defined and implemented quality assurance system, to allocate the necessary resources for the optimal operation of the system and to ensure that this is understood by all employees.

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